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  • For Oil, the UK betrayed Biafra. And the world was silent!

  • Everything about the people of Biafra after the war should be discussed here.
Everything about the people of Biafra after the war should be discussed here.
 #43  by Dikebiafra
 Fri Nov 07, 2014 4:26 pm
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It is called the Nigeria –Biafra war. It lasted for 30 long months, to the chagrin of Biafra’s opponents.
But make no mistake, the Biafra forth not Nigeria, but the world.
The world represented by the United Kingdom, Russia and with a scandalously silent, supposedly neutral America.
They forth to hold us back to a marriage we never ever consented to.
The Biafra foresaw the Nigeria of today-that of Boko Haram, but nobody listened to us.
They saw firsthand the barbarism of the Islamist before it became a noticeable problem to the Western world.
Today, the Western world is faced with a real threat of terrorism and wants to kill terrorist where ever they can be found.
Yet they are the same people forcing us to live with people who are stocked to a life style and believe system relevant only to the 1500s.
May we all never forget, that when we wanted our freedom, the world lead by UK, Russia and the US betrayed us.

Read an eye witness account of the war by Kurt Vonnegut in 1979.
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