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Discuss everything regarding the new Biafra to come in this section.
 #189  by Ihemba
 Fri Nov 13, 2015 8:54 pm
This topic may be a controversial one, but it is my understanding that the word Biafra is a word borrowed from the Bight of Biafra which was in turn named by Europeans after a community or kingdom in present day Cameroon called 'Biafara' or there about.

Since such an important thing like a name, here, does not relate to the history, origin, and present culture of the people of the country that is being proposed, wouldn't it be better to find a word that is more relevant to everyone, especially one from the Igbo language or a word from a related culture.

The word 'Biafra' was preferred because of the multi-ethnic nature of Biafra of the 1960s. Now that it seems like the non-Igbo easterners are mostly no longer on board, there is also no longer a need to try and be inclusive when it comes to overall languages and names. Let's find a word that can unite everybody because this is not the first time somebody has protested the word 'Biafra'.
 #192  by Godjb
 Sat Nov 21, 2015 6:34 am
My attention was drawn to the statement that some non igbo are not interested on the Great Biafra Project. I stand to ask; Was Biafra movement started because of non igbos?
Yes the other ethic group may join the struggle for self determination with the igbos, but the bottom line is for example I am from Delta State and precisely the Anioma part of Delta. If there is need for foot soldiers, I will volunteer to die for Biafra. So the idea of non igbo not in support is a statement from the same old and dirty politicians from such other ethic group.
 #227  by Mmanu
 Mon Apr 18, 2016 10:45 pm
Asari has stated that the name, 'Biafra' originates from Ijaw. In addition, the country, Biafra, was named by Ijaws. I believe him. I think we should stick to the name.
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