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  • If Cross River is South-South what is Abia State?

  • Discuss everything regarding the new Biafra to come in this section.
Discuss everything regarding the new Biafra to come in this section.
 #213  by Chizobem Sunday
 Tue Dec 15, 2015 6:01 pm
I was really skeptical about the so called south south zone in Nigeria, i googled Nigeria map, and i noticed that Abia State is more South South than Cross River, judging by the boundary, so i asked what mean this people to call Abia state Southeast and call Cross River and Akwa Ibom South South, then it dawned on me that it was just the divide and rule antics, used by the federal government, to make the igbos enemies before there brothers, they know that when they unite, they become formidable and indomitable. They labeled all the igbo land south east and labeled Cross River South South, whileas there is nothing like south south in geography, it was just a plan to divide the united brethren. To cause contempt, in order to exploit them.

After they used south south and it was not yielding much fruit, they decided to call them Niger Deltans, but again Abia State was there, what are they really doing, after the the war it was noted that the Igbos became national enemy, to the extent that some Igbos have to change there name in other to gain favour from the nation, some day there origin, some deny themselves Igbo, others went into confusion became confused amidst all that happened, and till today they are still confused (Ikwerre other igbo speaking region other States and Etche), they speak Igbo answer Igbo name, but alas they say " We are not Igbo".
It pains me so much that i ask, is there no elder to correct them, is there no aged man to declare to them the past, have they no learned to help them? There are but are blinded by deceit and falsehood.

Brothers we are more brothers that any part of Nigeria.
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 #229  by Mmanu
 Mon Apr 18, 2016 11:49 pm
It's the normal tactics used everywhere in the world. Only foolish ones would turn against their brothers for little gains. We have learnt from past mistakes and must stand together no matter what.
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