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  • Umu Biafra Kwenu!!! www.biafraforum.com

  • Discuss everything regarding the new Biafra to come in this section.
Discuss everything regarding the new Biafra to come in this section.
 #50  by Dikebiafra
 Wed Nov 12, 2014 1:58 pm
Umu Biafra Kwenu!!! http://www.biafraforum.com
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Biafra Forum is a platform for all different groups advocating for the actualisation of our great Country Biafra.
The only aim is to be a common platform that accommodates the activities of all groups, so that future generations will know what people like us did today. Facebook is good but it does not archive what we are doing. We need to keep a record so our kids will have materials to continue the work our fathers who fought so we will be here today started.
Knowing fully well how important it is to ensure that we have a market place where we meet to coordinate our efforts, some sons of Biafra came together to put resources together to develop this forum.
Please always update your different individual group activities in the forum so that we can reach a wider audience and also make it easy for the various group to know what each other is doing.
If your group is not on the forum yet, add it and keep the record of your activities up to date.
The Actualisation of the great Nation of Biafra is real and not far off.
Let us pull our efforts together to make it come soonest!
Register and be part of the movement!!!

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