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#195 by macbenal@yandex.com
Sun Nov 22, 2015 8:53 am
I wish to express my joy, seeing the dogged manner at which most of our youths in Nigeria and mostly in diaspora have devoted their time, money and strength ;trying to achieve this onerous task.

I wanna say that the process of achieving this goal is a very dicey one and henceforth, needs an intelligent and wise approach :in other to achieve it all. We should not undermine the division that may arise from us, and perhaps our most trusted comrades, either influenced by their share familiarity with the authorities or an infiltration by the enemies :and the leaders should not be apprehensive when such comes , but handle them with care and wisdom.

We should have in mind that " divided will fall, while United will stand ":Our only and ultimate goal should seek through our freedom as a sovereign state to a total entreaty of true federalism in Nigeria States: if we must remain an indivisible" one Nigeria ";making sure that we use the weapons of peaceful demonstration and information dissemination to convince and educate our people....the ibos and our south south brothers .

The leadership of this forum should desist from using uncultured and abusive words on some countries who are world powers or potential world powers ;or even any country at all, and our political leaders, representing us here in Nigeria, irrespective of how our oppressors has used them as willing tools against us;but only advised the house to distance them as well as this noble movement should do same too. We can not afford to create this much enemies around us, bearing in mind that someday, they may come handy to us in this struggle and in politics....... "there are no permanent enemies, but only a permanent interest".

I watched nnamdi kanu, our leader's last conference with the ibos in diaspora ;where he solicited for war arms and I think that was wrong to make our potential sponsors in diaspora and in Nigeria to believe that this struggle will cost them their blood and properties. Even though that they maybe some kind of pogrom when the time is ripe, I do not see that, as a good campaign speech, for a group that is seeking alliance :Who had been preaching none violent approach to the struggle from the inception.

I shall want this group to ignore the saboteur venom of speech that the upper and lower cavity of "NGOZI MMADU" and her likes has greeted this house with:I disregard them as the words of a wild lady, whose illiteracy, greed, foolishness and lack of wisdom has caused to expose her weakness and also implore you people, the leadership of this great struggle, to Unite and have a listening ear for your people, in other not to loose your followers.

Finally, please the leadership of this struggle should have a meeting with south south leaders :atleast to allay their fears as instilled in them by the Biafran enemies :that ibos will enslave them when they support and go with us. I think that they deserve to know the process of the movement and the kind of government that will be ran, that will be all inclusive. Long live Biafrans, long live ibos.

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