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Discuss "Nigerian" politics relevant to Biafra's restoration here.
 #5  by chuks
 Fri Oct 31, 2014 5:09 pm
First off, am hard pressed this guy is a medical doctor because his thinking is so pedestrian. Hear him:

"The order for my arrest came directly from the Director of Operations, an Igbo man. Apparently, he does not like anyone who says anything uncomplimentary about Igbo people and their greed."

"I think he was particularly very unhappy because I said Igbo have taken charge of the economy and that they have also grabbed most of the land especially for estates in Abuja; where they don’t have any historical claims or any other logical claim to even one square foot of land in Abuja."

"I don’t see any Nigerian ethnic group, zone or region that could be prepared to cede that kind of virgin land in addition to the valuable mineral which is under the land."

This guy should go back to primary school please.
My kids in primary school knows that when you buy something you own it and you don't have to apologise.

"Number two, when you look at what happened during and after the Igbo coup and the action of the Igbo, you don’t justify what happened, but you have to agree that the Igbo themselves contributed to the severity of what happened after their own tribal coup because I was alive and well and I knew what the Igbo were saying afterwards. They were showing photographs of the Sardauna and saying we killed your father. I saw that, in addition and if you look at the long term consequences of the Igbo coup and the civil war afterwards, you will notice that first and foremost, the North treated the Igbo much more humanely, much more honestly and as fellow citizens than the rest of the country."

Is this guy a clone or something?

Original Interview from Punch.
http://www.punchng.com/news/jonathan-ca ... -mohammed/
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