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Discuss "Nigerian" politics relevant to Biafra's restoration here.
 #59  by Freedom
 Sat Nov 15, 2014 1:26 pm
Let me start with a note of WARNING! This Post is not about Roche (though, it might Concern him somehow as a Politician with an Igbo-name but definitely not as The Emperor of Imo State). The Post is about ALL of Us that are IGBOS, who seem to like using our Positions to make Things Very #Difficult for other Igbos.

I was inspired to write on this after my call with my younger brother who told me how #Lecturers of Federal Polytechnic Nekede have converted #Students of the Institution to ATM and Mint-Company.
We do NOT need Prophets to tell us that the #Rector of the School and over 90% of both Academic and Non-Academic Staff of this Institution are IGBOS or Seers to inform us that over 90% of the Students being #Exploited are also IGBOS!

By His Grace, I'm an Alumnus of Bayero University Kano (BUK), which is one of the #Federal (Unity) Universities of Nigeria, just as our own FUTO. But my mates in FUTO always saw me as "Not From This World" whenever I told them that #Tuition_Fee was and still FREE in the School. All I paid as Library, Workshop, Laboratory, e.t.c. Fees during my 5-Year Engineering Program (from Year-2000) in the School was not up to 20% of what my Mates in FUTO paid for just #One_Session. I know many won't believe me if I say that FUTO is nothing but Glorified Secondary-School #Infrastructure_Wise, compared to BUK where Federal Institutions and other Corporate Bodies make sure that at least One Structural Project is executed every Year.

Yet, both are Federal (Unity) Universities in the same Country. While their #Politicians have made it a Point of Duty to make sure that Federal Government funds everything about Education on the pretence of being #Educationally_Disadvantaged, our own Politicians are #Busy_Gallivanting around Abuja and calling Hausas ..."Aboki" but still helping them move Motions that will Favour only the Core-North.

Same goes to Health. Antenatal, Child-Delivery and Post-Natal in AKTH which is a Federal Hospital like our own FMC Owerri is 100% FREE. But can that be also said of FMC?

There is no way anyone can convince me that these #Double_Standards between the Core-North and South-East are Federal Government #Policies. They're simply #Wickedness and #Greed from our very own Brothers and Sisters who are in Positions of #Authority in these Sectors.
 #60  by Dikebiafra
 Sat Nov 15, 2014 2:40 pm
I have always believed that part of freedom fighting should be also fighting the enemy within as you amply titled this post.
Lecturers demanding bribe from students is far more wide spread in Igboland than in other regions.
Government services is poorest in Igboland.
So while we are are fighting to get an independent Biafra, we should not take our eyes off theses.
They are cancer than needed to be cut off.