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Football, Social Media, and Fun.
 #237  by Onyekachukwu
 Thu Nov 17, 2016 12:29 am
It is no longer news that Biafrans now have their own cyberspace with respect to social media. Nkoli Social Network lets you have a feel of Facebook and Twitter combined. It has great features and may be your friends are already connecting with Nkoli. It is absolutely fast and rich in design.

It is 6 months now since launch in April but a lot of great new features have been added since then. You can do video call, chat, create posts, pages and groups, sell classified ads and much more. Nkoli also has an affiliate program where you get paid for referring your friends to join Nkoli with your referral link.

For super users who want to promote their products or services, you pay very little compared to Facebook, Twitter or other social media.

One great feature though is the ability to share your a Global News-feed with user at Nkoli or Just from friends with just one click. More information can be found at https://nkoli.com.
User interface of Nkoli.com when logged in.
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Nkoli.com landing page
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