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  • Everything off topic should go here.
Everything off topic should go here.
 #203  by Chizobem Sunday
Dear Biafraforum.com
I am suggesting that this forum be designed as this picture have illustrated, ( it is just a draft), for easy navigation and friendly user accessibility. See pictures[/b]
I suggest that the front page contain threads that have been deemed worthy/trending placed there, and the other section should have their relative threads, each relating to the section it is placed, if not related it should be moved to the right section.

And also the delay of posted thread or comment is not commendable or good, i don't see any reason why each comment or thread will have to be previewed before being posted for viewing, instead i think it should be posted immediately, then the moderators should hide/remove any thread or comments that is not allowed in the thread, and moreover this is a forum i don't think there will be need to remove comments , except some thing of this nature,Porn videos or photos, threatening of life, and other [/list]life affecting comments.

This is what i have noticed so far, i commend the moderator and admin for this beautiful forum, i will do my best to ensure people visit this forum.

Nairaland which was the forum which i mostly visit, has banned everyone promoting biafra, and i think this is the opportunity that you have to gather traffic to this forum, adverts should be made on popular sites and forum, i am currently doing adverts for this forum and i believe many people will be trooping into this place soonest, please sir just try as much as you can to make this forum one of the best.

The picture size also should be worked on

Considering my observations, it would be best if it will be effected as soon as possible, because many people might have challeng with this too, not everyone like to do things that is stressful and hard.

I believe when biafra is actualize this forum will be our national forum.

Thank you,

Boniface Sunday.
This i believe will be a good design
This i believe will be a good design
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