Tell us about that rumour in this forum.
#206 by igbopikin
Fri Dec 11, 2015 3:14 pm
Are you among the nairaland chased out, banned members of the IPOB?

Are you against the move Yoruba CEO of Nairaland Seun has done?

Come in here!

Seun message reads;

Fellow Nairalanders,

Nairaland loves Igbos and Niger Deltans very much. The thought of being separated from them for any reason is unbearable to us, so we have decided that we will reject any attempt by anyone to use Nairaland to promote the idea of removing Igbos and Niger Deltans from Nigeria.

We have updated rule 9 of Nairaland to reflect this decision. It now says:

9. Don't use Nairaland for illegal acts, e.g scams, plagiarism, hacking, gay meetings, incitement, promoting Biafra.

I'd like to urge all Nairaland members to respect and obey rule 9. Mynd44 is in charge of enforcing it. If you break this rule, you'll be banned.

Seun (Founder Of Nairaland).

Is this fair????

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