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  • Buhari is dead, Jibril from Sudan is impersonating him after surgery: Nnamdi Kanu

  • Tell us about that rumour in this forum.
Tell us about that rumour in this forum.
 #302  by Emeka Ezeh
 Wed Sep 06, 2017 12:15 am
The man in Aso Rock is not Buhari. His name is Jibril from Sudan who underwent cosmetic surgery in London after which he was taught Buhari's mannerism. He has been practicing for over 100 days. He is still learning about many people and what to discuss with them. That is why is kept away from the public with the claim that he works from home using rats as an excuse.

That is the same reason why cameramen including major Tv stations like Channelstv were not allowed anywhere close to the acclaimed RETURN event. APC and the Cabals are bent on keeping power til 2019. But Biafrans will Boycott the election, so it does not matter.

The British government with Queen Elizabeth are responsible for all the mess Nigeria is in today. They planned this surgery with the Cabal and APC government. How can have a president that does not attend any function except a highly stage-managed one. :mad:
Real Buhari and Fake Buhari named Jibril
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