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  • Biafra Radio website contains unimaginable archive of the restoration project.

 #258  by Emeka Ezeh
 Sat Aug 12, 2017 4:55 pm
Hidden Archives of the Biafra restoration project

The day I came across www.biafraradio.com, I was shading tears for almost an hour. Why? The pictures and videos of what has been going on in this struggle are all contained there. Although the website is not often updated with news, but it has a lot of pictures. It also plays the Biafra24 radio news. I learnt they were merged about 3 years ago.

It is really interesting what is going on under the hood. Please brother/sister, search for Biafra on Google and tell me what you see :mrgreen: Wow!

I am very glad to become part of this struggle and God will give me the strength to play my own role properly. I comment a lot on various news fora and will continue to do so.
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