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What is the meaning of the name Nigeria? Does it make sense to you?
 #152  by Onyekachukwu
 Sun Jul 05, 2015 12:24 pm
Mr. Yakubu Dogara, the new Speaker of the House of Representatives, recently told the world an open secret – that the ongoing crisis in the All Progressives Congress (APC) is a result of the “New thinking in the North” aimed at appropriating total control of power to the exclusion of the rest or other sections of the country. Rather than be seen as a negative step, I consider this as a positive step towards the destiny of Nigeria to balkanise. It is a positive step towards the eventual liberation of all ethnic nationalities into forming independent nations that they used to be (definitely with new alliances and realignments) prior to the tragedy of 1914, which Sir Ahmadu Bello himself tagged as “The Mistake of 1914.”

As the crisis in the APC continues, the politically naïve “patriots” of the South, particularly the Yoruba South-West, who are dreaming of a “New Nigeria” where there would be no corruption and where the dreams of all, regardless of their ethnic origins, would be realisable have continued to hold on to what one of Professor Okey Ndibe’s friends from South Africa called “a dead body.” Yes. Nigeria is “a dead body.” In doing so, in my own estimation, they are not just holding on to “a dead body”, they are working against the destiny of Nigeria that has been ordained by God, through providence.

Majority of Nigerians of all hues and climes who supported General Muhammadu Buhari were doing so genuinely in the hope that this was an opportunity for a New Nigeria; an opportunity to break from the past and set the country on the path to greatness. They were excited. They were enthusiastic. They were hopeful. Unknown to all these excited Buharists, the slave masters in the Sultanate and their sentries in the extended part of the Uthman Dan Fodio’s estate called Nigeria, were putting finishing touches to their total control of their bequeathment. The political carpetbaggers too, inflicted by myopia and focused as locusts on the perquisites of offices they were chasing and the loot they anticipate to appropriate, could not look far or think deep. They were like rapacious rabbits that could not perceive the traps set for them.

Some of us knew this. We were aware. We saw it coming. And we warned. We advised on alternative strategy, tactics and choices. But unfortunately, it fell on deaf ears rendered further ineffective by arrogance, condescension and ambition. They were inebriated in their pursuit of power, confident that they could never be wrong. Their ears were blocked. Their reasoning was weird. Their flanks were carelessly left open. They discountenanced History. They ignored the raison d’etre for the pains and sufferings of our past heroes. They exuded unrestrained exuberance and fanned the embers of infantile enthusiasm. They flagrantly and joyously gallivanted on the Hausa/Fulani tiger and as it now appears; they are gradually ending in its belly.

When the Sultan of Sokoto expressed preference for a particular governorship candidate in some of the Yoruba states and some Yoruba leaders worked secretly to impose such candidates, then it was evident that there was fire on the mountain of the Yoruba nation. Or when the Sultan expressed dislike for a particular candidate and the party leaders took away his hard-earned ticket to give to another, it was evident that the dream espoused by Ahmadu Bello – to treat the “South, as conquered territory and… never allow them to have control over their future” – has become a reality. The Hausa/Fulani oligarchy has stooped to use our leaders as a means to conquering and enslaving us again.

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) would eventually be judged harshly by history for wasting a golden opportunity to free Nigeria and Nigerians from the slavery of the Hausa/Fulani oligarchy. But reserved for harsher judgment of history are those who worked ceaselessly to enthrone Buhari under the garb of change, without taking any precautions and without availing themselves of the lessons of history. Thus by so doing, they have wittingly or unwittingly, through several acts of commission or omission, driven Nigerians into another round of slavery, at least for another 50 years or beyond, unless there is intervention by providence.

When Yakubu Dogara, the newly elected Speaker of House of Representatives said that his victory “was made possible by the intervention of the Sultan and others,” he was only confirming the obvious as I enunciated in an article on June 14, 2015, “Fulani Solidarity and the Betrayal of Bola Tinubu,” in which I had written that:

“The Fulani are a special breed. They understand only one thing – power at all costs. It does not matter how close you are to them. It does not matter how friendly you are to them. It does not matter how helpful you are to them. When it comes to power and control, they rally round themselves to neutralise you and maintain your subservience.”

So, when Mr. Dogara came out to reveal, probably inadvertently, that the scheme (with Bola Tinubu as prime target) to play out and neutralise some players from some sections of the country was engineered from the palace of the Sultan, it ought not be a surprise to analytical and objective observers who understands the dynamics of the Fulani concept of power. To those who do not know, the Sultan of Sokoto and Asiwaju Tinubu have been very close friends, especially in recent times. But when it comes to power, the Fulani Pulaku concept overrides everything, including close friendships, and it was not difficult to dump Tinubu for the interest of Uthman Dan Fodio’s estate, where the Fulani oligarchy would permanently hold sway. Uthman Dan Fodio’s Estate is euphemised as Nigeria.

In the same article, I had noted that:

“The game played with Tinubu by Muhammadu Buhari, Abubakar Atiku, Aminu Tambuwal and Shehu Garba, all blue blooded Fulani, is not limited to this crowd. It is an elaborate plan backed by an entire oligarchy that operates silently behind the scenes. This plan, which is still in its infancy, has been hatched before now. Bukola Saraki (a Fulani-Yoruba) is just a willing tool in this elaborate plan. The Fulani oligarchy is not going to take another chance to allow power be controlled by anyone or group other than them or one of their own.”

Thus when Mr. Dogara contended “We should know that there is new thinking in the North,” he is not telling the whole truth. He is throwing up a cocoon to deceive those who are still holding on to a mirage and calling it a dream in the name of patriotism. Dogara is a “willing tool” in a more elaborate plan to hold the slaves of Uthman Dan Fodio Estate on leash. His types would be very close to the throne but would never be king. And if ever he becomes king, he would be a caged lion that could only eat when he is fed. This “thinking” to dominate the rest of Nigeria and enslave them by the Fulani oligarchy is not new, as evident in the opinion proffered above.