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 #259  by Emeka Ezeh
 Sat Aug 12, 2017 9:40 pm
Have they cracked the code, finally?
have they discovered the scam?
Have they finally counted the dead of the Bifrian war,
And discovered, that the igbos did not complete their quota?

Nnamdi kanu, have they sent you..?
Then begin the story with the list of the dead.
Okadigbo and ikoku.
For We began with half of a rising sun
and ended with a quarter.

And Nnamdi , where you in those quarters,
where men left like bullets, and never returned.
Through ohafia to okigwe, there was no obstacles,
for the bushes have given way for Burial sites.
Short growing graves for children,

among rough hurried holes for two adults,
who have become roommates in the grave.
And the rumour is that we are lazy.
That we paid our levy with only children.
So there should be another round of contributions

So Nnamdi you have come,
For the rent of a house about to collapse.
And your clubs are youth that grew after those horrors,
from the fertiliser of the our hurried dead.
And the rumours is that we are lazy.

maybe we are not strong enough to lose five children in one house , in one day
and still remain normal.
So when the gods complained of hunger,
we showed them where mosquitoes bit us,
but found no blood,like oil in the Chad basin.

Nnamdi please lower your voice..
Our dead are still sleeping..
We are not known to discuss in the open,
What we have not raised in secret...
Where was your birth?

then ask your elders and they will tell you.
How we fought the gods for our autonomy.
And sold our weakness into slavery.
For fear is not our kinsman..
And as traders, we have traded with death.

Please Nnamdi, lower your voice .
Even death has a king, but we do not.
And Nnamdi, if they sent you.
Then tell them, We have heard the complains,
but we don't negotiate with messangers.

Besides, our dead are still sleeping.
And since the earth is one,
We cannot split the north, from the south.
But even if...
our dead are still sleeping.
Nnamdi, Our dead are still sleeping.

WRITER: ©samson abanni +2347031069611. ---- https://www.facebook.com/samson.abanni.5
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