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 #267  by Emeka Ezeh
 Wed Aug 16, 2017 1:11 pm
Yes, he is now in a bigger prison than the one you use to know at Kuje. Considering Kanu's bail conditions which flouts his fundamental human rights, one can confidently state that those conditions can be likened to a prisoner being kept on chains and handcuffs but in a wider space than he used to be in.

Imagine yourself being in chains and handcuff and moving around where the public can see you. Which is better? Being at Kuje prison without chains or walking around in a bigger prison with chains and handcuff. I believe that Nnamdi Kanu prefers the former to the later. The later is very shameful and difficult to comply with, especially in a "Democratic" setting.

Nnamdi Kanu is still in Prison, but he has refused to be in chains and handcuff as demanded by his bail conditions. Remember that he cannot currently travel out of the country because his British passport was seized by the Nigerian government. Moreover, his family is here with him in the besieged land of Biafra.

In essence, the bail conditions are meaningless and impossible to comply with. It is like asking someone to eat a lot and at the same time not to defecate. As a seasoned freedom fighter, Kanu has refused to be put to shame, rather struggle harder to bring back Biafra.

You cannot blame Nnamdi Kanu for those IPOB members being shot at by the Zombies in uniform known as the Nigerian army and police. This is because it is hard to avoid death in the hands of this type of tyranny embarked upon by the Nigerian security forces. They killed Biafrans in their houses and in the public and even if a video surfaces as evidence, they blatantly deny that.

It will not be too long before IPOB begins to defend themselves with whatever they can muster because no one has a monopoly to violence and we cannot because of fear swallow our sputum.

My advice to all Biafrans is to stop playing the blame game and do whatever you can to restore Biafra. You cannot complain enough. Join forces together, and do not be happy when the enemies are clapping for you.

Written by: Emeka Ezeh.

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