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 #615  by Emeka Ezeh
 Wed Mar 28, 2018 3:10 pm


This for you 8 gang of DSS informants, traitors and saboteurs of Radio Buhari international (RBi) Emma Nmezu/ Clifford Iroanya/Uchenna Asiegbu Omiomio/ Ike Nwanonenyi/ Baber Innocent Innocent Onyekachukwu Nmaram Ugochukwu /Leonard Aniemena and etc.

If you are one of the eight frustrated idiots with 5 fake Facebook accounts each, that is following Clifford Iroanya and Nnia Nwodo alliance of evil, I feel sorry for you.

These are the truths Cliffraud Envy Eye Iroanya/Onyemaechi Igwe/Chinaemerem Igbokwe fake account expert never told you and I challenge him to say which one of the following is a lie.

QUESTION ONE- Why was Iroanya, Omiomio and their gang of traitors kicked out of IPOB?

ANSWER- Iroanya and Co were kicked out because of insubordination. They opened a radio station (Radio Buhari International) without approval from director.

QUESTION TWO- But didn't director give approval for the opening of another radio station by Leonard Aniemene in Trinidad and Tobago.

ANSWER- yes he did but they did not follow his instructions.

QUESTION THREE- what do you mean by that, please explain because some people are confused?

ANSWER- they should not be confused. Listen to me very well. Director was in detention at DSS when the problem of who is the Deputy Leader of IPOB started. It's a long story so bear with me. Omiomio and Iroanya had issues with Uche Mefor because of the behaviour of Obetta the former lawyer to our director. When Uche Mefor refused to sack Obetta due to misunderstandings, Iroanya and Omiomio decided to remove Uche Mefor so Omiomio can be Deputy Leader. When director was transfered to Kuje prison, he settled all quarrels and everybody accepted that Uche Mefor is number two. Cliffraud Envy Eye Iroanya was not happy because he wanted Uche Mefor removed by all means. He Iroanya started a campaign on Facebook that anybody who studied outside Nigeria should not lead Biafra. Some of you reading this saw the posts. He was saying it because of Uche Mefor who obtained his law degree in London since our director said he will not lead Biafra after independence. I hope you are following. Again director from Kuje prison settled all the issues. Omiomio, Emma Nmezu and Iroanya said they wanted to open a radio station so they can help Uche which is a good idea. Director gave the go-ahead order with the understanding that all signal from the news station to be based in Trinidad and Tobago will be fed to London and from there to the whole world. Aniemene asked for the license key or password to Radio Biafra broadcasting software which Uche declined. Uche Mefor told Aniemene that the license key is for our director and nobody else, that even himself as the Deputy is using it on director's authority that any day director come out of Kuje he will hand it back. The license key controls access to our main software that power radio biafra broadcasts so anybody who has it in their possession can collect money from the Zoo called Nigeria and destroy radio biafra that is why only director is allowed to have it. Instead Aniemene like South Africa, Sunrise Daily, USA 1&2 should route their broadcast through London but Aniemene refused and wanted to use director's license to broadcast. Uche Mefor refused to give it to him.
Aniemene with Iroanya ganged up and decided to go ahead to open the radio station without authorisation from director. Director spoke to Emma Nmezu, Omiomio and Iroanya and asked them not to go ahead with radio Buhari International but they refused saying they want to compliment radio biafra. Director said ok, if you want to start another semi-independent radio station at least answer Radio Biafra Trinidad and Tobago or another name but they said no that they must answer Radio Biafra International. Director explained to them that Radio Biafra broadcasting from London was already an international platform. They refused and went ahead to open their own facebook, website and logo. Director contacted Omiomio to ask Aniemene and Iroanya to pull back and not go ahead with the launch of the station but they refused. Director reminded Iroanya about his sacred oath to obey final order from director and not to open the station, Iroanya refused. Throughout this period before they launched their radio Buhari International, Iroanya, Omiomio and director were in regular communication. There was no problem or issues between them. No hint of problem at all. It was when Iroanya and Aniemene refused a direct order from director not to launch a rival station to Radio Biafra that all the stupid senseless gossip started about director from Iroanya. Director never mentioned Iroanya's name during his rallies and tours. It was Iroanya that was always gossiping about director and his family. The records are there for all to see. Director asked Omiomio to suspend Iroanya and Aniemene for disobeying a direct command, Omiomio declined to carry out that order because then it was too late for them stop due to the deal with Nnia Nwodo and Orji Uzor Kalu which director did not know about. Director therefore suspended Omiomio and expelled the other traitors.
This was exactly what happened. It was greed, envy and jealousy that drove Iroanya. He decided to travel to India to conduct Holocaust exhibition without authorisation. When Amarachi Ibeh Gift who is a hard worker for IPOB disobeyed an order from Iroanya, she was suspended. She served her suspension and today she is rising star of IPOB legal team. Instead of Iroanya to close their radio station as directed, they decided to open fake Facebook accounts to be attacking director.

They managed to attract equally greedy, envious people like them. That is the whole truth. We know Iroanya had issues with Obidi Obienu and when director reappointed Obidi as the US Coordinator, Iroanya lost it and declared all out gossip war on Facebook against IPOB.
Anybody telling you anything else is a liar, descended from Satan himself. Everything was working fine until Iroanya out of greed and envy destroyed himself and his 6 followers.

I hope our people will now read very carefully and learn something from these wonderful piece of truth, our struggle for Biafra restoration is more spiritual than physical.
Be careful of whatever you do in this our noble struggle and never you ever think that our oat is a just mere oat for Chiukwu Abiama is in charge and he is the author and finisher of everything IPOB/Biafra!
I hope some of you that misunderstand me for saying every truth I know about these set of people will now understand why I was doing everything in my capacity to expose them and dugout more truth of the matter?

Here is all the truth, so please read and judge by yourself.

Ndewo nu Umu Chiukwu Abiama the great Biafrans!

God bless our leader Nnamdi Kanu
God bless the great IPOB worldwide!
God bless Biafra and Biafrans!

All hail Biafra!!!
Iroanya, IPOB, Mmezu, Kanu, Asiegbu
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