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  • Everything about the people of Biafra after the war should be discussed here.
Everything about the people of Biafra after the war should be discussed here.
 #621  by Emeka Ezeh
Dear Adeyinka, we have a common enemy in the camp (Gambari), but you chose to be in perpetual enmity with the Igbo-Biafrans, whom obviously should be considered the strongest ally in the fight to alter the colonial establishment called Nigeria.

Let me use this opportunity to settle your doubts over your perceived dichotomy between what you called people of "Niger Delta" and people of Biafra (the Igbo people).

First, you should know that you cannot sit in the comfort of your room in the U.K and define Biafra territory, not even with google technology, mind you.

Second, you should know that this is not Yoruba age; we are in the Aquarius age, a period when people should mine knowledge like gold, or uncover secrets and conspiracies to their advantage, and free their minds from excessive ignorance.

Third, the ignorance of your people to sustain the Nigerian narrative on Biafra, is the reason for people like Emir Akanbi, who could not only condone the Yoruba double standards, but rose to the ocassion of overthrowing its long established corrupt institution.

Fourth, Emir Akanbi said the truth which many of you are too shy to admit its reality--that Yoruba people are hypocrites and backstabbers, but Fani Kayode preferred to use the term "bickering", but Emir Akanbi of Yorubaland is right regardless of the term used.

Fifth, the illiterate Fulani Lords who pay your educated elites to distort Biafran history, would also never preserve your own, because what goes around also comes around. Hence, Emir Akanbi's flouting of Yoruba traditional institution is just the beginning of what it means to distort history.

Now to clear your doubts and confusions, the place you called ''Niger Delta" is part and parcel of Biafra. That area is, in short, Biafra itself. Needless to say that the man who suggested the name for the young Republic in 1967, was an Ijaw man, Frank Opigo.

Before 1967, the Presbyterian Church in Calabar was named after Biafra in 1858 while the Synod of Biafra was formed in 1921in the same Calabar. These institutions were subsequently named after Nigeria, the new country now founded on artificial borders.

What about the historical stories of the Bight of Biafra that Nigeria deliberately erased from its map? Between the 16th and the 19th century, the Bight of Biafra was the scene of extensive slave-dealing operations, based mainly on the ports of Brass, Bonny, Opobo, and Old Calabar (now Calabar).

But in 1972 Bight of Biafra was renamed by General Gowon from its original name to "Bight of Bonny", with the intention of burying the past from the future generations. However, nature intercepted this wicked policy on our behalf by instilling the Biafra nationalist spirit in our generation. We talk about Biafra today even more than Nigeria. This can only be by miracle!

According to the information available in Wikipedia, "Niger Delta is the "delta" of the Niger River sitting directly on the Gulf of Guinea". The same source went further to say that, "the name "Biafra" - as indicating the country - fell into disuse in the later part of the 19th century". Meaning that the name "Biafra" did not only exist, but that it is also a name of a country covering the "delta" of the Niger River on the Gulf of Guinea.

The question for you Adeyinka is, where can one locate the Bight of Biafra? Is it in the territories of the so called "five Igbo states", or in the Gulf of Guinea, from which the so called "Niger Delta" rests? Help your self by answering this question and be honest about it.

Many a time you and your co Yoruba writers would deliberately limit Biafra to the people of Igbo extraction, and i would wonder how could an intellectual refuse to admit facts in honest discourses. Asari Dokubo and Senator Ben Bruce had acknowledged these facts, on what ground do you stand to refute them?

In conclusion, the phrase "Niger Delta" as it has become conventional for pro- Nigerian writers when describing those living in Biafra coast line, is a political tool and propaganda to divide the people of Biafra. It has no basis in history and I challenge you, Adeyinka Grandson, to prove my positions wrong within two days, so we could facilitate our debate on the owners of Lagos.

Originally written by Castro Malema
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