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  • Is BVI really for Biafra Restoration or Politicking ?

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Discuss everything about Biafra Voice International here.
 #256  by Onyekachukwu
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This is a very pertinent question because since BVI (Biafra Voice International) has ever come on board, it has involved itself either directly or indirectly in Nigerian politics. This makes Nnamdi Kanu of RBL (Radio Biafra London) sound like a prophet when he parted ways Chinedu Asuzu and other members of Bilie Human Rights Initiatives.

Recently, we have seen Asuzu promoting what we know Supreme Council of Elders in Biafra who claim to be fighting for restoration of Biafra using Legal means headed by one Ozubu. Adding to the obscurity surrounding the outcome of their court cases/proceedings, Asuzu has aligned himself with UPP; the new political party that claims to have the interest of Biafrans at heart. Ask the questions while I do the observations.

I am just pointing out my observation and not trying to ridicule anybody. My point is that we should remain focused on what we are fighting for, which is the complete and total restoration of the Sovereign State of Biafra.

Chinedu Asuzu is the founder and director of Biafra Voice International. You can watch some of his YouTube videos to understand this article is about. In Biafra, we say things as they are.

Please comment below if you agree or disagree with short article pointed out.