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  • Jubril's Drama ochestrated to mimick the dead Buhari.

  • Discuss "Nigerian" politics relevant to Biafra's restoration here.
Discuss "Nigerian" politics relevant to Biafra's restoration here.
 #689  by Onyekachukwu
As an expert in video graphics design and photography, I have carefully analyzed the purported videos of "Buhari" either falling or talking off point during his recent campaign rallies across the country. There were all pointing to the fact that it was planned. Drama as they call it. Carefully planned and scripted drama to mimic late Buhari.

This is a confirmation that it is truly Jubril at Aso rock and not Buhari. Jubril has recently undergone series of plastic surgery and he is getting better at his scripts every day. Ordinary Nigerians seems not to have noticed this.

Let us analyze those videos one by one:
  1. The video below shows when he purportedly fell at Lokoja, Kogi State campaign rally. Kindly play the video in slow motion. Notice that the man behind Jubril touched him to signaling him to fake the fall. Just immediately after that, Jubril slipped but the man grabbed him first.

    All this to make it look like it was actually the real Buhari speaking and acting as a result of old age

  • Jubril; the late Buhari's impostor in Delta state campaign rally. In the second video below, Jubril was clearly being told what to say. He said Presidential candidate, then you can hear a voice in the background that reminded him to say Senatorial candidate. He repeated after him as he said also "Governitorial" candidate. He went over the limit in acting that script because the dead Buhari cannot even be this stupid.

  • Jubril in Kaduna campaign rally. This is funniest of all. He acted as he was told. There was no sign weakness prior to the pretence. Jubril is not acting naturally. He is simply not late Buhari. Buhari is dead and buried

  • This video below is the killer of it all. This happened in Cross-river as Jubril; the late Buhari impostor purportedly presented the wrong person as the governorship candidate. First, Adams Oshomole sneaked to the other side after setting up the stage. He could have let Jubril "Buhari" know the right person, because he passed behind him. Notice that the other man hurriedly walked towards Jubril, extended his hand and his hand was raised. The impostor acted as told. He was clearly pretending not to know. Play it over and over to see the lines

Finally, it takes just a good eye to understand this drama.
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