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Everything regarding business opportunities including buying and selling should be done on this forum.
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 #303  by Onyekachukwu
I crave your indulgence on this matter that has troubled every true igbo elder. The level of historical awareness in our youths is appalling. Certain actions which they take clearly show that they need to read about our past in order to define their future.
In the light of this realization, the FIRM (Fellows of Inspiration, Research and Memory), a group concerned with preserving Igbo history began to gather data regarding Biafran titles ever published. This is in the bid to spread these books to every Igbo hand. The following are some of the Biafran Books. They could be gotten within 48 hours through shipping within Nigeria, or within a week if to other African countries, Europe, America or Asia. I can be contacted for these copies. Thanks.

1. The Untold Story of the Nigerian Biafran War by Dr. Luke Nnaemeka Aneke, 6000 Naira
2. Reflections on the Nigerian Civil War: Facing the Future by Raph Uwechue, 2000 Naira
3. There was a Country by Chinua Achebe (Hard cover), 3000 Naira
4. The Nigerian Revolution and the Biafran War (Alexander A. Madiebo), 2000 Naira
5. Nigeria and Biafra: My Story by Philip Effiong, 4500 Naira
6. You Must Set Forth at Dawn by Wole Soyinka, 6000 Naira
7. Nigeria's Five Majors by Ben Gbulie, 3000
8. In Biafra Africa Died: The Diplomatic Plot by Emefiena Ezeani, 1800 Naira
9. To Save Nigeria: The Revolutionary Coup and the Civil War by Goddy Onyefuru, 3500 Naira
10. Biafra: A Challenge to the Conscience of Britain by Prof. H.G. Hanbury, 1000 Naira
11. Why We Struck (The Story of the First Nigerian Coup) by Adewale Ademoyega, 2000 Naira
12. The Fall of Biafra by Ben Gbulie, 4000 Naira
13. Blood on the Niger by Emma Okocha , 4000 Naira
14. Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Adichie, 2500 Naira
15. The Biafra Story: The Making of an African Legend by Frederick Forsyth, 2500 Naira
16. Sunset at Dawn by Prof. Chukwuemeka Ike, 2000 Naira
17. The Man Died: Prison Notes by Wole Soyinka, 1500 Naira
18. Ahiara Declaration by Odumegwu Ojukwu, 1500 Naira
20. Sunset in Biafra by Elechi Amadi, 1500 Naira
21. Because I am involved by Ojukwu, 2000 Naira
22. Nigeria: The challenge of Biafra by Arthur Nwankwo, 1500 Naira
23. Emeka by Frederick Forsyth, 1500 Naira
24. Braving the Stars by Sam Chukwu and Jeff Unaegbu 4000 Naira
25. The Tragedy of Victory by Brig. General Alabi-Isama, 4000 Naira
26. My Command by Olusegun Obasanjo, 3000 Naira
27. The politics of Biafra and the future of Nigeria by Chudi Ofodile, 5000 Naira

Thank you for your patience.
Jeff Unaegbu (+2348035272576),
Principal cinematographer, Institute of African Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

A trial shipping of one or more titles can be arranged before proceeding to heavier collation of more titles when familiarity is established. But, bear in mind that shipping cost is exclusive of the prices of the books above. Thank you