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What is the meaning of the name Nigeria? Does it make sense to you?
 #297  by Onyekachukwu
1. Nnamdi Kanu has been agitating for Biafra before Buhari regime.
2. At a time, Nnamdi kanu announced his visit to Nigeria. And he did so.
3. Buhari got him arrested and after a very lengthy legal battle, released him on bail conditions that trample on his fundamental human rights.
4. Buhari jets off for 2nd medical tour.
5. Arewa Youths issue quit notice to Igbo, demand arrest of Nnamdi Kanu.
6. Some northern leaders denied knowledge of Arewa youths and even called them miscreants. Gov. El-Rufai gave order for their arrest. Up till now nothing has happened.
7. Northern elders back Arewa Youths.
8. Hate song erupts calling for mass execution of Igbo and destruction of their property.
9. Buhari returns, threatens fire and brimstone.
10. FG orders Nnamdi Kanu's arrest.
11. Arewa Youths, in a meeting with the same northern leaders that denied knowledge of them, revoked the quit notice.

This is the type of psychological torture my uncle talked to me about. After the Biafran war, injustice done with arrogance were shoved down their throat. Today, we are primed to live in the same purgatory.


Have you noticed nobody is facing prosecution for crimes done by Fulani Herdsmen. Neither is anybody in detention for all the killings, in the name of religion, up north. Again, have you noticed IPOB has never killed or even injured anybody.

Now, FG, despite blowing hot over treason and hate speech, has not approached any court to arrest Yerima Shettima and his band of Arewa Youths. Neither has FG clamped down on creators of the hate song and their agents. But the same FG is in court to put back Nnadi Kanu behind bars.

This is a sheer intimidation. I would want to know how insensitivity of this type is going to promote national unity.

Now I have to ask, is this country an exhibition of Hausa/Fulani hegemony?

Why is it that other ethnic nationalities keep quiet at and pretend to be comfortable with the dominance of Hausa/Fulani in Nigerian sociopolitical space?

Has this country become Igbo vs Hausa/Fulani?

More than anything else, the attitude of the present government promotes the demand for self-determination. FG cannot treat a section of the country as a pariah and still want the integrity of the country intact. You have to make a choice. Be fair and just to every segment of the country or let those you don't like have their own . Not too much to ask for!

—my thoughts are in consonance with that of #Chukwuemekam E Chukwuemeka

Written By Peter Ịfeanyị Arụọcha
Nigeria's unity is not negotiable : Buhari
Nigeria's unity is not negotiable : Buhari
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