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Discuss matters and news relating to MASSOB.
 #123  by Emeka Ezeh
Let me remind the people once again that one love and one people are vital for success and breakthrough in reality. Insight told it to the wise that both are what we need to enable MASSOB work the works for good, better and best under the Sun. It is obvious that we sinned against the throne of Biafra in MASSOB, and it is equally evident that our sins shall be forgiven if we see the need to gather in the palace, pay homage to the throne and ask for the forgiveness in formality and decorum.

The point here is that the head of Biafra is seen in MASSOB, but unity is lost because the body of Biafra is not majority in the official and legal embodiment (forum) of our struggle to liberate Biafra from Nigeria. If I may ask! Where do we see unity in Biafra?

I have to ask because my ears are not deaf in anyway. I have been hearing us (Biafrans) talking about unity, but I did not see our hearts (minds) being sincere and candid about it. If we ask me why, I will ask us to show us where we see unity without head under the Sun. I mean it will be nice if we remember that I wrote an article titled, IGBO WITHOUT HEAD!!! It gave us to know that unity is lost (missing) in Biafra because the people (Biafrans) rejected Raph Uwazurike - our duly and generally recognized King and leader in the struggle to liberate Biafra. I said let us come up here and tell us! Where did we see unity without head?

One thing I like the people to have in mind is the fact that Bible is prophetic and fantastic in nature. If we check well, we will see that the prophecies are still fulfilling in Biafra because majority of us are Christians without good sense and reason. We attend church like fools without really knowing that Christianity told lies to deceive Africans in many ways.

The Biblical stories told humanity that Jesus was chief corner stone. Majority of us know all the fables, and what we read in the Bible told us that Jewish people rejected the corner stone for reasons best know to them in the old time. They told the story in great wisdom for humanity to read in history. It is over 2,000 years, and now our eyes are seeing the history repeating in Biafra. It is conspicuous because we know how MASSOB started, and we equally know how majority of us rejected our King and leader in the official forum of Biafra - MASSOB. Let me ask us again! What is stone in Bible? What is chief corner stone in Christianity? I said we need us to tell us here: Who said that Raph Uwazurike is not the chief corner stone that was rejected?

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