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  • Everything about Biafra before the war should be discussed here.
Everything about Biafra before the war should be discussed here.
 #339  by donacsa
The Nigerian army currently claims to have been formed in 1863 when Clover hand picked 18 Hausas and brought them to Lagos. However, it is common knowledge that there is no way Clover could have gone to pick 18 Hausas to come to Lagos and form an army even before the so called Amalgamation of 1914. The truth about the Nigerian army is that it was a Fulani slave raiding army used to raid capture and sell slaves until 1863 when Lincoln's emancipation proclamation stopped the United states from importing slaves from Nigeria.

This can easily be seen in numerous books including the book by Flora Shaw in 1905 as well others which showed that Nigeria was never amalgamated in 1914. The Nigerian army celebrated 150 years of their rename to Nigerian army in 1863 in 2013 and we can read that from http://thenationonlineng.net/nigerian-army-at-150/amp/
For anyone in doubt, numerous books showed that the Sultan of the Fulani now called Sultan of Sokoto had a slave raiding army of over 20,000 troop before 1821 and we remember that 1821 was when the Nigerian army raided Yoruba land and captured Ajayi Crowther and his entire village.All Biafrans must do some reading and studies about the Fulani and their names are Fulani, Fulbe, Fellata, Foulah, Fula, Fulah, Peoul and Pulo - reserach with those key words and for Igbo research with the names Eboes, Ibo, Ebo, Eba, Mocoes, Heebos, Heeboos and Heebo.